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The Monterey Companies are privately held portfolio management and administrative services companies that invest in the electricity markets throughout the United States and parts of Canada. This investment takes place through conservative trading and risk management strategies focused on integrity and commitment to ethical conduct. These strategies are realized through a group of finance, energy and technology professionals that work in a collegial environment which focuses on teamwork, shared responsibility, common goals and a commitment to learn and improve individually and as a company.

The Monterey Companies

  • Monterey Enterprises, Inc.
  • Monterey CA, LLC
  • Monterey MA, LLC
  • Monterey MW, LLC
  • Monterey SW, LLC
  • Monterey TX, LLC
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The Markets

In 1996, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) began the process of establishing a competitive electricity marketplace. The Commission's goal was to promote efficiency in the wholesale electricity markets and to ensure that electricity consumers pay the lowest price possible for reliable service. Today, most of the United States and much of Canada have established well-functioning, competitive electricity markets.

The FERC's modifications to the electricity marketplace created a class of market participants called Power Marketers. Power Marketers engage in the purchase and sale of wholesale electricity. Today there are over 2000 companies which can be classified as Power Marketers. Most of the Monterey Companies are among this group.

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What We Provide to the Markets

The majority of Power Marketers are entities not affiliated with traditional utilities. This adds a vast amount of competition and liquidity to the marketplace which increases market efficiency and lowers the overall cost to the consumer. The Monterey Companies also anticipate the electricity needs in various parts of the country and will then provide power where needed.

Numerous economists have analyzed the benefits provided by Power Marketers. One recent study by two Stanford University economists found that in the California market alone, savings of approximately $70 million per year in fossil fuel costs due to more efficient dispatch resulting from convergence bidding, an activity performed by Power Marketers.

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Community Involvement

From cooking our annual meal at the Ronald McDonald House to donating to local charities, Monterey Enterprises believes in supporting community. Looking for charities in the area to donate or volunteer with? Here are our favorites:


Disclaimer: This website is not a solicitation for prospective business, investment or employment. It is intended to provide general information about the companies and to enlighten people about the energy markets and the benefits derived from market participants such as ourselves.

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